Claim my Home Owner's Grant

This year's deadline for claiming your grant is July 4th after which a 10% penalty will apply on all outstanding amounts.

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For owners of Residential and Farm property, your property tax notice includes an 8 character eHOG password printed in bold under your name and address near the top of the form. To claim your Home Owner Grant on-line, click on the link shown below which goes to our service provider’s website.

Once there, enter your roll number and eHOG password exactly as shown on your tax notice. Once logged in, you can complete your application by responding to the usual questions. Basic and Seniors grants do not require additional documentation. If you are claiming the additional grant for any reason other than age, you must provide (or have already provided) your additional documentation to the Town of Comox before the tax due date. This is very important because without the required documentation, your application is incomplete and you will incur a 10% penalty on the tax due date.

We suggest that your print the confirmation page of your eHOG grant claim (or save a screen-shot of it), as this is the only receipt you will receive.

The tax payment deadline is July 4th and a 10% penalty applies to all amounts still owing (including unclaimed grants). If you are eligible for a Grant you need to claim it by July 4th to avoid penalty.

If you have questions about your Home Owner Grant, you can phone us at Town Hall 250-339-2202

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