Hands On Farm

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Talk With the Animals...

Hands on Farm | Barnyard Fundraiser | Farm Club

The Hands on Farm is closed for another year. Thanks to our many visitors, farm staff and the many animals who called the Farm this summer. The Farm will reopen June 2019; see you then!

Farm Hours:


Daily Admission Rates:

$1/children 5 and under
$2/children and adults

Summer Pass:

$29/family for the entire summer!

*Occasionally some animals don't get along with other animals in the farm. So although we always hope to have the animals as advertised it's possible that they may not be there. Please call the Hands on Farm at 250-339-FARM if you want to know what animals are guests with us. All animals are adopted or returned to their owners at the end of the summer.

Contact the Farm:

  • Phone, starting June 1: 250-339-3276 (FARM)
  • Follow the Farm!

Farm Club and Farm Camp Programs

A special camps for children and preschoolers who want to learn about the farm, caring for animals and assisting the public while at the farm. Click for more information Call 250-339-2255, visit the Community Centre or click to register your child!