2017 Assessment Notices

BC Assessment has mailed the 2017 Property Assessment Notices

By now, all property owners should have received their 2017 Property Assessment Notice from BC Assessment. If you do not receive yours by January 10th you should contact BC Assessment (phone toll free 1-866-825-8322) to obtain a copy. This information is time sensitive because if you wish to appeal a 2017 assessment you must do so (through BC Assessment) by Tuesday January 31st.

This year almost all residential properties increased in value – a combination of real changes to property that BC Assessment identified, combined with market value (price) increases. As the explanation on your BC Assessment 2017 Notice points out, if your assessment increased by more than the average (for Comox residential properties use 11% for that, while most commercial properties were unchanged again this year), you can expect to see a proportionately higher increase in taxation than average in 2017.

If you do not understand your assessment increase, please visit the bcassessment.ca website and follow the links to their e-valueBC service that can show you how your assessment compares with other properties nearby. If you still have concerns, please contact BC Assessment to discuss your assessment. And if your issues are still not resolved, you can file a Notice of Complaint (assessment appeal) with BC Assessment by Tuesday January 31, 2017.