Fall Storm Cleanup

clearing leaves to prevent flooding

With the arrival of the storm season, the Town of Comox is once again requesting the assistance of the public in clearing leaves and debris from catch basins.

Know where the catch basins are along your street, and inspect in the fall before rain storms. If you notice that one is clogged, use a rake to clear the debris and place in your yard waste collection bin. If you see a catch basin filled with debris below the grate, or if you cannot clear the basin near your property yourself, contact the Town’s Public Works Department (250-339-5410) to advise of the particular location. Never attempt to remove a storm drain grate, only the debris on top of the grate.

Please do not deposit or blow leaves onto the street as our limited staff and equipment resources do not allow for removal. Residents are encouraged to review the Town's Yard Waste program for more information on the disposal of yard debris.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Below is an overview of our storm water collection system:

Beneath most streets in the Town is a storm water collection system, which is a series of pipes that collect rainwater and carry it to the ocean. The system is especially important during storms, when the high volume of rainwater falling onto streets would otherwise cause flooding.

Rainwater from the streets enters the storm water collection system through grated storm drains, also called catch basins, which can be found along the edges of the streets. There are 1,983 catch basins in the Town of Comox. In order for the storm water collection system to work efficiently, catch basins must not be clogged with recently fallen leaves, needles and twigs. Once clogged, rainwater cannot drain from the streets, and leads to flooded areas.