Snow and Ice Control

Public Notice


According to the Town of Comox snow and ice control policy, Town streets will be ploughed after 10cm of snow has accumulated, or when lesser accumulations have resulted in dangerous conditions.

Roads in the Town of Comox will be cleared in the following order:

  • Arterial Roads
  • Collector Roads
  • Local Roads
  • Cul-de-sacs
  • Lanes

In addition, the following facilities and routes are considered priorities:

  • Emergency Services Facilities including Emergency Services, Town Hall and other municipal facilities.
  • Bus Routes – Public Transit
  • Steep hills
  • School areas

Ploughing of snow will result in a windrow of snow across driveways and business accesses. The Town regrets this; however, we simply do not have the resources to clear these windrows from individual driveways, please do not shovel the snow from the windrow back on the roadway.
We encourage the clearing of snow from the sidewalk adjacent to your property, please do not deposit snow back on the road. The Town will typically deploy snow clearing equipment to support efforts of clearing sidewalks on streets with high pedestrian use. Snow removal from sidewalks shall be limited to sidewalks along arterial and major collector roads.

Snow plowing the Streets of Comox is a demanding job and our crews work around the clock.

In order to assist our crews to safely clear the streets and roads we ask the public to consider the following:

  • Limit your travel unless absolutely necessary during severe weather
  • Do not attempt to pass snow plows
  • Remove all parked vehicles from streets until ploughing has been completed.

Thank you for your cooperation.