PUBLIC NOTICE: Water Main Flushing

The annual water main flushing project will take place from March 25 to May 10, 2019.

View the Public Notice here.

Additional information:

Town drinking water originates from Comox Lake. The source water can contain trace amounts of sediment that can settle out of the water and build up in our water lines over time. To remove any built-up sediment and ensure a turn over of any stagnant water in our mains, each spring Comox Public Works systematically goes through the Town flushing water out of each of our 450 plus fire hydrants and blow-offs (on dead-end lines). This takes around 15 minutes per hydrant and overall the annual flushing process uses an amount of water that is roughly the same as annual water use from 40 single-family homes. Hydrants used also receive their annual servicing, ensuring that each is ready to be called upon in the event of a fire.