Elevated Risk of Turbidity in the Comox Valley

March 18 - 29

March 15, 2019

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is alerting Comox Valley water system users that it will be moving to its backup pump station from March 18 to 29, 2019 while BC Hydro completes its annual spring maintenance on the penstock. The backup station is located further downstream than the primary withdrawal location and is more susceptible to poor water quality during weather events which commonly occur this time of year.

During these periods of maintenance, CVRD staff work closely with BC Hydro to minimize the impact on the Comox Valley water system. The CVRD will be monitoring the situation very closely and the community will be alerted should turbidity reach unacceptable levels and a boil water notice is required. High turbidity can interfere with the chlorination process used to disinfect the drinking water for the 45,000 residents served by the Comox Valley water system.

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