Public Works

The Public Works Department look after the town infrastructure. This includes the water, sewer and drainage system and road surfaces for which the town is responsible.

Municipal Engineer: Shelley Ashfield
Superintendent: Glenn Westendorp
Foreman: Brett Green
Chief Water Operator: Brett Green
Utilities Operator: Joel Louke
Business: (250) 339-5410
Fax: (250) 890-0698
Delivery Address: Municipal Works Yard, Public Works Department
1390 Guthrie Road
Comox BC V9M 0A5

Locating Underground Service Lines

Every time you dig in the ground you run the risk of loss of life or damage to property if you hit any of the many buried cables, conduits, gas or oil pipelines and/or other underground facilities that serve our Town. BEFORE you dig please call the CALL BEFORE YOU DIG service line at: 1-800-474-6886 to request the location informationthis is a free call and a free service.


Lazo Road – Shoreline Protection and Restoration


Comox Transportation Study 2011 (322 pages & 9 Megabytes in size)
How to Use a Roundabout
Bicycle and Greenway Plan
Transit Schedule Plan
Pedestrian Network Plan
Scooter Safety
BC Ferries – Frequently Asked Questions

Water Testing

The Town of Comox Water System Test Results are: