About Council

Mayor and Council Members

Comox has a Mayor and six Councillors, elected at large for four-year terms (ending October 2022).

The Mayor and the Councillors are shown below:

  • Alex Bissinger, Councillor
  • Ken Grant, Councillor
  • Jonathan Kerr, Councillor
  • Nicole Minions, Councillor
  • Russ Arnott, Mayor
  • Stephanie McGowan, Councillor
  • Maureen Swift, Councillor

Council Meetings

View Council Meetings via Livestream: Available shortly before 5:00 pm on each Regular Council Meeting date via the Town of Comox YouTube channel.

View the 2021 Council Meeting Schedule, Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Schedule: Regular Council Meetings are scheduled for the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm and; Strategic Planning Committee Meetings are scheduled for either the second or fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm. Click here to view the current schedule.

Location: All meetings are held in Council Chambers located at 1801B Beaufort Avenue, (beside d’Esterre Senior Centre). PLEASE NOTE: Effective September 9, due to COVID-19, meetings will be conducted by electronic means with some members of Council participating electronically and limited public attendance. Public wishing to attend meetings held in Council Chambers will be limited to 50 people. The public may view the live-streamed proceedings of Council via the Town of Comox YouTube page. Further adjustments to in-person participation will be considered relative to the status of Step 4 of B.C.’s Restart Plan. To learn more about how to engage with Town Council, click here.

Submitting Public Questions: A Public Question Period takes place at the end of each Regular Council Meeting. As residents are unable to attend meetings in person at this time, questions about specific agenda items can be emailed to agenda@comox.ca up to 4:30 pm each Regular Council Meeting day. Questions will be read out at the meeting and responses provided. Please include both your name and full address for identification purposes.

Appear as a Delegation: If you want to appear before Council - complete and submit a Request to Appear as a Delegation form.

Submitting Written Submissions: If you wish to provide a written submission to Council, please send an email to council@comox.ca or a letter via mail / in-person to the address noted below. Written submissions to Council, including personal information, may be considered in a public meeting and/or made public on our website. Copies may also be provided to someone who asks. Please do not give more personal information than is necessary, and do not include any defamatory or other inappropriate information (which the Town accepts no responsibility or liability for). Personal information you provide to the Town is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and used for purposes related to its subject.

Strategic Priorities

View the 2021 Strategic Priorities Chart

Mayor’s Inaugural Address and Year in Review

Mayor Arnott's 2020 Year in Review

Mayor Arnott's 2019 Year in Review

Mayor Russ Arnott's Inaugural Address (2018)

Contact Council

If you would like to send a message to Council as a whole, please send to council@comox.ca and each member will receive a copy of your message. Please include your full name and address with your message. If you are submitting a hard copy in person please submit only one copy and we will ensure distribution to each of the council members.

Mayor Russ Arnott

Home Phone: 250-890-1224
E-Mail: rarnott@comox.ca

Councillor Alex Bissinger

Home Phone: 250-327-4974
E-Mail: abissinger@comox.ca

Councillor Ken Grant

Home Phone: 250-792-0007
E-Mail: kgrant@comox.ca

Councillor Jonathan Kerr

Home Phone: 250-339-2202
E-Mail: jkerr@comox.ca

Councillor Stephanie McGowan

Home Phone: 250-218-5586
E-Mail: smcgowan@comox.ca

Councillor Nicole Minions

Home Phone: 250-650-8458
E-Mail: nminions@comox.ca

Councillor Maureen Swift

Home Phone: 250-339-1211
E-Mail: mswift@comox.ca

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