Capital and Special Projects

Below is a selection of current capital and special project highlights in the Town, including facility upgrades and other construction initiatives. To review other projects found within the Town's 2021 Strategic Priorities, click here.


Start: Fall 2020

End: Estimated Spring 2022

Project Description: A unique partnership between the developer, the Comox Valley Children's Day Care Society, and the Town to construct a daycare for 28 children within mixed-use residential and commercial development that includes six affordable housing units.

Project Status: Under Construction


Start: Summer 2022

End: Fall 2022

This new sidewalk will be located on the south side of Comox Avenue (from Rodello Street to Ellis Street) and will mean pedestrians can avoid having to cross Comox Avenue to access a sidewalk in that area. The project will also include dedicated bike lanes, extending the biking network in the Town and providing more transportation options to residents. The funding comes as a result of a successful grant application submitted by the Town of Comox. The Government of Canada is providing $735,680 and the government of B.C. is providing $183,920.

Project Status: Grant funding announced in August 2021


Start: Spring 2021

End: December 2021

The Town is undertaking a Comox Recreation and Parks Youth Assessment Plan that will assess and recommend outdoor recreation and parks infrastructure for underserviced youth ages 12-18. The project is identifying and connecting with Comox youth, families and the broader community to define those opportunities to enable a report with high-level costs estimates to be presented for Council’s consideration. The engagement efforts will include a community-wide survey, as well as a survey targeted specifically for youth. Small to medium-sized focused group sessions will be scheduled throughout the month of October. Focused conversations are designed to motivate open interaction and input from participants. Watch the Town of Comox website for opportunities to engage in the Youth Needs Assessment survey and planned focus group activities this fall. Want to be contacted directly? Send an e-mail to

Project Status: Community engagement activities with youth, parents of youth, Comox schools, youth groups and the broader community are being planned for October 2021. Click here to read the project news release.


Start: April 2021

End: Spring 2022

Project Description: The Marine Services Building Project will replace the existing building and add much needed commercial space to Marina Park. While the final design is still be considered, the building is anticipated to include indoor commercial space for year-round marine tourism and marine services & businesses. Further, the unique outdoor commercial space, for use during peak seasons, would provide additional covered outdoor vendor areas and a fenced area will also be included for safe storage. To learn more click here.

Project Status: Currently, secondary grant funding is under review and will determine the next steps Council can take on this project. Pending the approval of these additional funding supports, the Town will look forward to welcoming a new building, which will enable further economic development to the harbour and marine industry.


Start: Fall 2020

End: Summer 2021

Project Description: In late 2020, the Town garnered feedback on the preferred option (Option 3) for the North East Comox Stormwater Management Plan from property owners, tenants and stakeholders. In early 2021 Council directed staff to prepare North East Comox Stormwater Management Plan implementation bylaws to enable future growth in that area based on environmental stormwater management best practices. Bylaws are to be drafted for Council's review in the spring/summer of 2021. For more information click here.

Project Status: Bylaws drafted for Council's review during the June 16 Regular Council Meeting where Council approved first and second readings, including proposed amendments to the Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw 1685. The third reading and an additional staff report were provided at the Regular Council Meeting held on September 8, 2021.


Start: Winter 2020

End: August 2021

Project Description: The Town has established a 5-year pilot project agreement with School District 71 and worked closely with them to create a simple off-leash dog park pilot project on the old Comox Elementary School site located on Rodello Street and Fairbairn Avenue. This 32,000 square foot fenced area provides a space for exercising and socializing dogs in a safer and more controlled environment. After some delays due to construction material shortages, the area is now open to families and their four-legged friends. Read more about the project here.

Project Status: The park is now open and ready for residents to enjoy!


Start: Winter 2020

End: Spring 2021

Project Description: WATT Consulting Group undertook the update of the Town’s 2011 Transportation Master Plan, which integrates transportation objectives and policies of Comox’s Official Community Plan (OCP), and updated it to ensure that the roadway, active transportation, and transit future plans align with the desired goals for transportation in the Town. Specifically, the TMP Update assessed Comox’s current automobile travel, active transportation and transit network needs to identify challenges and made recommendations for improvements to address future needs over the next five, ten and twenty years.

Project Status: Completed. The master plan can be viewed here.


Start: May 18, 2021

End: Fall 2021

The Town of Comox is considering permitting small scale urban agriculture and hen keeping on residential properties which contain a single-family dwelling and invited Town of Comox residents and property owners to participate in an Urban Agriculture and Hen Keeping Feasibility Survey, which is now closed. For additional information please view the Urban Agriculture and Hen Keeping Feasibility Backgrounder here.

Project Status: At the September 8, 2021, Regular Council Meeting, Comox Council instructed staff to prepare the necessary bylaw amendments to permit raising hens within the Town of Comox. The amendments are expected to come back to Council at a later date in 2021.

Note: Portions of this page were last updated on February 2, 2022.

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