You can lodge a complaint with the town

  • in person (at Town Hall 1809 Beaufort Avenue),
  • by mail (1809 Beaufort Avenue, Comox, BC V9M 1R9),
  • by phone (250-339-2202),
  • by fax (250-339-7110),
  • by email to

To lodge a complaint related to Town bylaws you must provide your name, address and telephone number.Anonymous complaints will not be accepted. Anonymity between the complainant and the violator will be maintained, except where necessary in a court of law.

For complaints related to street lights, we need to know the location of the street light (the house number of the home nearest to the light will provide that) and whether the light is on a wooden BC Hydro power pole (in older areas) or is a free-standing steel streetlight (in the newer areas of Town).

Complaints about other property (parks, buildings, roads, sidewalks, street lights and pipes) must provide enough specific information about the nature of the problem and its exact location to allow us to find and fix the problem.

If you need to make an emergency report related to Town property (a problem creating an immediate threat to life, health or public safety) after regular office hours, please phone our answering service at 250-338-9434.

Thank you for your cooperation.