The North East Comox Wildlife Reserve

Lazo Marsh

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The North East Comox Wildlife Reserve, Lazo Marsh and adjacent public lands (the Conservation Area) are important habitats for a variety of waterfowl and wildlife. Extensively used by naturalists and those seeking outdoor recreation, the Conservation Area offers an opportunity to increase awareness of nature and wildlife through passive recreation and wildlife viewing. When managed for conservation, education, and other compatible use, the Conservation Area can provide essential habitat for wildlife, increase biodiversity in the region, and be a long- term benefit to the communities surrounding it.

With increasing development and human population on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, very few natural areas remain. Wetlands in particular are disappearing quickly as human population and associated infrastructure expands. Protecting key habitats and providing links between these areas for wildlife is important as further development occurs. B.C. Environment believes this primary goal can be achieved through sensible land use management and planning for nature during urban and sub-urban growth.

The Conservation Area contains a spectrum of habitat ranging from wetland, riparian and rare sand dune communities to upland forests. These habitats provide biological diversity that fulfils many life cycle requirements for a broad range of vertebrates and invertebrates. Maintaining links to and from the Conservation Area and developing management policies that promote preservation and restoration of natural features are important to the long-term ecological health of the Conservation Area.