Halloween at the Comox Fire Station

Stop by for hot dogs and hot chocolate

Halloween, at Comox Fire Station

For many years now the Comox fire station has been open (5 pm to 9 pm) on Halloween evening for citizens to visit. This year is no different. The Comox Firefighters will be providing hotdog and hot chocolate to hundreds of citizens. In addition to this some of our firefighters will be out in fire engines meeting and greeting children and parents.

Comox Fire Chief Gord Schreiner states: “Our firefighters love this event. It gives us another opportunity to meet some of our citizens and also to promote fire safety. Not only will we be giving away a lot of hotdogs (about 400) but we will also give away a few smoke alarms and reminded parents the need to have a working smoke alarm. We have an amazing group of firefighters here with about twenty of them donating their time for this event. Also having our fire engines staffed that evening reduces our response time should anyone need us.” During the evening the fire station is set up with tables and chairs so children and their parents can come in get warmed up and have a rest if needed.