Early Pollinators Deployed

Mason Bee Boxes in Comox Parks

The Town's Parks Department has moved mason bee boxes into Comox Parks.

Mason Bees are:

  • Native to North America
  • Small, non-aggressive and rarely sting
  • Very industrious, particularly in the early spring. This makes them one of the best pollinators of early flowering plants, trees, farms and gardens. They are commonly used in orchards because of their efficient pollination of fruit trees.
  • Foragers of up to 90 meters (300 feet) from their nesting box.
  • Nesting in tubes and holes that have a cylinder shape. Their houses should be facing east to get the morning sun, afternoon shade and be protected from wind and rain.
Please observe, but do not disturb the bees.

For more information on native pollinators and how you can help please click on this link Pollinator Partnership Canada.