Town Council Approves 2020 Annual Report

During the June 16, 2021, Regular Council Meeting, Council approved the Town’s 2020 Annual Report highlighting progress on Council’s priorities, as well as the audited financial statements.

Key initiatives from the report include the implementation of numerous COVID-19 response measures for residents, businesses, and Town facilities, to the approval of over 300 new, diversified housing units for residents including rentals, single-family to multi-family options and affordable seniors housing. In 2020 the Town also secured public feedback and input on Northeast Comox Stormwater Management Plan to enable Town Council and staff to move forward with drafting implementing bylaws in 2021, as well as saw Council update the Building Bylaw to include the BC Energy Step Code, to require energy efficiency in new construction in the town, part of Council’s environmental and sustainability objectives.

The report also includes the Statement of Financial Information, Consolidated Financial Statements, a list of Permissive Tax Exemptions and a breakdown of Continuity of Development cost charges.

Annual Reports are required by the Province of B.C.’s Community Charter and provide an overview of various projects completed within a given year.

To read the report and to learn more about the Town’s current 2021 Strategic Priorities go to