Town of Comox Recognizes National Indigenous Peoples Day

Representatives from Comox Council were on hand today at Town Hall to raise the K’ómoks First Nation flag in recognition of National Indigenous Peoples Day, held annually on June 21.

“On behalf of Comox Council and the Town we are very pleased to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day,” said Russ Arnott, Mayor of Comox, “This day provides an opportunity for everyone to learn and celebrate the vibrant and diverse cultures and traditions of the K’ómoks First Nation and other indigenous communities throughout B.C. and across Canada, as well as reflect on Canada’s historic mistreatment of First Nations communities.”

The Town has identified building on its K’ómoks First Nation relationship as a strategic priority in the Town’s 2021 Strategic Plan. Recent examples of collaboration between the neighbours include Comox Council’s adoption the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as its framework for indigenous reconciliation.

The Town also participated in the ratification of a Community Benefits Agreement in 2020 regarding a regional solution for sewer that recognized that the existing sewer line through the Indian Reserve was expropriated without adequate consultation. The agreement provides compensation for past and future impacts of sewer infrastructure within the K’ómoks First Nation reserve.

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