Parking Calculation Tool for Vehicles and Bicycles

Parking Calculation Tool for Vehicles and Bicycles

Parking requirements are often the focus of discussion for many development applications. Parking implications can affect both land availability and overall project costs. Parking requirements in Comox are different for lands located within Downtown and outside of Downtown. Recognizing that parking requirements are a key part of processing an application, the Planning Department has created tools to aid with these calculations. The applicable tools, available to download, will serve as a resource to support the application process.

The Zoning Bylaw outlines different parking requirements for particular uses in Section 6.0 of the bylaw. In addition, the bylaw outlines required (for Downtown) and recommended (outside of Downtown) minimum number of bicycle parking spaces for specific uses in Section 7.0. For lands located outside of Downtown, if the recommended minimum number of bicycle parking spaces is provided, there is an opportunity for a reduction in vehicle parking spaces. The tools will help to make the parking requirements and possible reductions outlined in the bylaw clear. The tools also cover the requirements for accessible parking spaces and loading spaces.

How the Parking Calculation Tool Works?

Both tools are Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and are broken down into easy steps. The gross floor areas for each use are needed to determine the required number of parking spaces. A User’s Guide has been created to provide additional information about the operation of the tool. The parking calculation tool prints on letter-size sheets of paper and can be included as part of an application submission.

The tools are available for convenience purposes only and should not be used for legal or interpretive purposes without references to Town of Comox, Zoning Bylaw 1377 and amending bylaws.


How useful was the parking calculation tools for your applicaiton process? Any suggestions or comments regarding the tools would be greatly appreciated. If there are elements of the tools or this user guide that are unclear, please let us know. Our hope is to continue updating the tools as a resource in the application process.

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Downtown Vehicle and Bicycle Parking Calculation Tool

Worksheet - Downtown Vehicle and Bicycle Parking Calculation Tool