Public Building Department Documents

Monthly Building Permit Summaries

Certificate of Title Notice

Building Permit Application A100

Contaminated Sites Screening Form

Application A100.

Charges on Title Worksheet A200

1-GEOTECH FORM owner Retains Engineer

2-GEOTECH FORM Engineer Confirm Engaged Service

Forms 1 - 7

Building Bylaw 1472 Forms 1-7.

Building Permit Schedule "A"

Application Requirements.

Building Permit Schedule "B"

Professional Designers.

Building Permit Schedule "G"

Code Analysis Form.

Building Permit Schedule "W"

DP Declaration Form.

Building Permit Schedule "Y"

List of Registered Professionals Form.

Building Permit Schedule "Z"

Envelope Designers.

Owner's Declaration of a Secondary Suite

Additional Requirement for Secondary Suites.

Owner's Declaration of a Coach House

Additional Requirement for Coach House

Builders Sub-Contractor's List

Sub-Contractor's List to obtain a Business Licence.

Plumbing Permit

Permit, Checklist & Fees.

Town of Comox Deck Example Plans

Example Plans: Deck Addition to a Single-Family Dwelling Unit

Ventilation Checklist

Use this Checklist where forced air heating system ducts intake and distribute ventilation air.

Accessory Building Brochure

Example garage conversion

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