The Town of Comox purchases water from the Comox Valley Regional District and distributes this water to consumers (residents and businesses) within Town boundaries. Consumer rates for water are governed by the Comox Water Rates and Regulations Bylaw, and depend on whether or not a water meter is installed on their service connection.

See your metered water usage

To open a report showing the most recent monthly water usage by MXU number (a unique number given to each water service) you can click here. After opening the report, click <CONTROL F> (or Edit-Find), enter your MXU number in the Find box and hit <ENTER>. Read across the row for the last 12 months of usage.

Prior Calendar Year Readings: 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016 /2015 / 2014 / 2013

Switching to Metered Billing

If you are a residential consumer and think that you use less water than a typical residential family, (approximately 250 m3 per year), you may be able to save on your annual billing. Click here to enroll or withdraw from single family residential metered billing.

Water Conservation and Restrictions

As the Town purchases water from the Comox Valley Regional District, we are subject to the water use restrictions specified in the Comox Valley Water Conservation Bylaw where four stages of water use restrictions are established. Check our Home Page under "News" often for the current stage and accompanying restrictions.

Other Water Documents:

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